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Price list

Here is what you can buy in my shop and the price list of the different items.

I mainly sell prints and JPG files.
All the photos are currently presented for sale in "prints". And all those same photos 
are also available in a "JPG files" version. Simply contact me via email to order the "JPG FILES" you wish to purchase. The file(s) will be sent to you as soon as the order is placed, either by email or by transfer software such as WeTranfer and Dropbox.

Note that all these "JPG FILES" will soon be available in downloadable versions, i.e. as soon as you have paid, you will be able to download the document yourself. 




So you can buy prints. Each of the photos presented are available in several formats. My photos are all printed on high quality paper to ensure the durability of the product. Please see the FAQ section to learn more about the different services I offer. You can also contact me if you have any questions at the following email address;

List of formats and prices;
8inX10in - 20.32cmX25.4cm 80$
11"X14" - 27.94cmX35.56cm $120 
12inX18in - 30.48cmX45.72cm $160 
16inX24in - 40.64cmX60.96cm 200$

These formats will be available soon;
20inX24in - 50.8cmX60.96cm 240$
20inX30in - 50.8cmX76.2cm $280
24inX30in - 60.96cmX76.2cm.    $320

Photos can be printed in mast, semi-gloss or glossy
Personally, I don't recommend glossy because too much shine is too much!
You also have to choose whether you want a white border or not.
The photo remains the same (we don't cut into the photo or as much as possible).
We simply add a white frame. The printed surface remains the same.


Here are the formats and prices
8inX10in - 20.32cmX25.4cm 150$
11"X14" - 27.94cmX35.56cm 250$

12"X18" - 30.48cmX45.72cm $350 

16inX24in - 40.64cmX60.96cm $450

"JPG FILES" are therefore digital elements. You pay for your personal use. Please see the "Digital Items Policy" section for more information on uses and restrictions. Agreements can be signed between the parties, for more specific needs. 
Contact me via if you need more information.

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