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Return conditions

Before concluding the distance contract, the merchant must disclose the following information to the consumer:

(a) his name and any other name he uses in the operation of his business;

(b) his address;

(c) his telephone number as well as, where applicable, his fax number and his technological address;

(d) a detailed description of each good or service subject to the contract, including its characteristics and technical specifications;

d.1) where applicable, the information required by subparagraph c of the second paragraph of section 236.1 and by section 236.3;

(e) a detailed statement of the price of each good or service that is the subject of the contract, the associated costs required, as well as the cost of any duty payable under any law;

(f) a description of any additional charges that may be payable by a third party and the amount of which cannot be reasonably calculated, including customs duties and brokerage fees;

g) the total sums that the consumer must pay under the contract and, where applicable, the amount of periodic payments, the applicable rate for the use of an accessory good or service as well as the terms of payment;

(h) the currency in which the amounts due are payable, when that currency is other than Canadian;

(i) the date or deadlines for performance of its main obligation;

j) where applicable, the method of delivery; or by electronic transfer to the consumer's email address.

The merchant must present this information in an obvious and intelligible manner and expressly bring it to the attention of the consumer; when it is a written offer, it must present this information in such a way that the consumer can easily keep it and print it on paper.

Right of withdrawal

There can be no right of withdrawal because the consumer is aware of all the clauses mentioned above.

As a general rule, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contracts for the supply of digital content not supplied on a physical medium whose execution has begun after the express prior agreement of the consumer and express waiver of their right of withdrawal.

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