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With a long-standing interest in people and art, photography is my ultimate passion; once moving from drawing with live models to photography techniques. Drawing, for example, is a great work of observation. Portrait photography is also a great work of observation. Whether solo, as a couple or in a group, portrait photography requires us to capture the essence of who you are.

My approach is simple in portrait photos. I work like photojournalism; i.e. like a report. My goal is to capture the best moments. But always in collaboration with you. You tell me about your points of view, the type of photos you want. With my experience, we are working to develop a work plan; where the location will be, time of day, number of photos etc. My goal is to make you smile with happiness every time you go to look at your photos. Take a moment to explore my work and contact me!

With my interest in both technology (lighting, image editing, etc.) and art, portrait photography has become another passion of mine. My approach for years has been to study the great painters (from renaissance portraitists to the impressionists) and the great portrait photographers (such as Robert Doisneau, Annie Leibovitz, Bruce Weber, Avedon etc…). It is not about to reproduce these artists, but simply to be inspired by them.


Because there is direct contact with the client, my first goal is to know (as much as possible) the person I am going to photograph. Working on portraiture is above all a collaborative effort. I love learning from my clients and I want to know first and foremost what their goals and expectations are. A simple telephone conversation with my clients allows me to better understand their vision and their needs.


As for services, I can also take individual photos, graduating photos (students), couples photos, family photos, engaged photos, wedding photos and corporate portraits. Without forgetting, as you will have understood, photos of sports teams and athletes. Whichever service you choose, you will experience a relaxed and enjoyable photo session. The most important thing is to use my expertise in lighting and image editing, among other skills, to make your photos perfect.


As photography requires having great and high performance equipment in all areas, I only own professional cameras and lenses. Because image quality is just as important as the creative approach itself, I put all my experience as an experienced photographer and my equipment at the service of each client. Of course, photo shoots are not just limited to studio or rental work. There is also post-processing work (mainly with Photoshop and Lightroom software) which is also important. If necessary, I retouch the photos according to specific client requests. However, I would like to point out that the retouching work is done in accordance with the rules of the art; retouching is not a way to transform my client, but to benefit him as naturally as possible.


Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about photo sessions and/or my prices. Hope to meet you!

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