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Architecture and design are 2 other of my great passions. Photographing the interior of a house or the exterior of a building first requires the acquisition of very good equipment; wide angle and tilt and shift lenses, a sturdy tripod and a drone have become essentials. A meeting with the client to develop a work plan is essential.

Even with the right equipment, I have to be patient . I choose the best moments of the day; whether it is the blue hour or the magic hour (the golden hour), known to offer superb natural, soft and warm light. For interior photos, I have to prepare the space. Since day-to-day interiors are not suitable for photography, I often have to improvise as a "mover". The smallest detail is important. Every object has its useful function. We will sometimes use flashes during a gray day, house lights in the evening during the blue hour, etc... Contact me! I offer very competitive rates.


During my studies in Environmental Design (which concerns architectural design, interior design, furniture and various objects) at UQAM, I developed a certain skill in 2D renderings and illustrations. These were the days of hand-drawn drawings, with good and effective perspective techniques. We made models with white foam cardboard to represent the three-dimensional aspect of our projects. When we went digital, 2D and 3D design and architecture software made our job much easier. Our digital drawings opened up a whole new universe to us. We could now explore on the computer what a “designed” project looked like from “a thousand and one” points of view. Just imagine in terms of image composition what we could bring to our clients! And what are the ways to strengthen our creativity even more?


It was taking into account all this learning and experience that I approached design photography with more confidence and expertise. And what a joy to be able to work on projects often developed by excellent architects and/or designers. The creative process of a project first requires a meeting where the client's needs and expectations are discussed in detail. Whether for real estate photography or a magazine project, it is important to have a good exchange of ideas. I sometimes provide my comments to help. This creative process is evolving throughout the project.


What we planned as images at the start of the project may very well change along the way. Again, it's about collaboration with you. Post-processing with software like Photoshop and Lightroom remains a crucial step in refining rental work. Collaborative work with my client is still very important here. We adjust the final renderings to ensure that the final product is unique and breathtaking.

Architectural or design conceptions have always been a fascination for me; whether it is urban design, modern constructions or even vernacular architecture. A true passion for design and a range of unique photographic skills (concepts of light, colors, compositions, perspective etc.) give me the ability to provide clients with a wide selection of packages and services. Contact me to find out more about my rates.

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