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My adventure in photography has started with sports! One day I was looking at a photo of an athlete on the podium. A very simple but very touching photo because we felt the happiness of victory in the athlete's eyes. It was a big “love at first sight”. I started taking photos. Here I am, 2 decades later, with this same desire to reproduce “happiness”.

In sports, one of the essentials is our equipment. I am equipped with the latest cameras at the cutting edge of Canon technology; “full format” and “mirrorless” cameras have become essential. With bright lenses. The approach with the customer remains essential. We collaborate and exchange ideas. Sport is like a BIG PARTY, and the goal is to capture the best moments, the moments of celebration; joy and happiness. Whether it's with your young son capturing a skateboarding competition at Taz or following the divers at the Olympic Stadium pool. So, are you diving? Contact me! I offer very competitive rates.

A diver performs on the 10 meter springboard during a FINA competition.

In 20 years, I have developed expertise in several areas of photography and, you will have understood, I am particularly fond of sports. But sports photography is about more than just working with a major media outlet. Of course, there are professional sports and teams, national and international competitions, world cups, etc., which impress and sometimes demand a lot. There is also work with provincial and/or regional teams and I love taking photos of these teams; whether it be action photos (most requests are for action photos) or even “sportraits” (the English term for sports portraits). Whether it is a “mugshot” (headshot) or photos of the athletes to more precisely represent their profile and characteristics.


The most important thing in sports photography is to work collaboratively. I take your vision and your requests into consideration, combining my professional expertise, to refine each of your ideas. This is a partnership between you and me, and I take your feedback very seriously. I adjust to each of my clients according to their own requests and their visions of the project(s). And the work can be adjusted and modified throughout the creative process. We work together for a more personalized rendering to ensure that your needs are met.


And there is, depending on requests, post-processing work. I work with software like Photoshop and Illustrator to retouch photos as needed. There may be editing work (for team photos, for example) and possibly graphic design work when it comes to “sportraits” (see the portraits section of this site).


In short, there are almost as many ways of working as there are clients. There may be several phases of corrections and this is completely normal. “Large” projects require rigor and patience. At the end of the project, the most important thing is to understand that all your requests and needs have been met. Below are examples of sports photography. So I offer you all the options for all your sports day needs, including live action shots, individual poses, team portraits, prints, touch-ups and adjustments.

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